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9月 17日:「玫瑰呼喚」: 請聯署支持天安門母親

「玫瑰呼喚」: 請聯署支持天安門母親 :


請以人道立場對待 天安門母親和「六四」死難者家屬,

The 64 roses - We call for Justice!
Please sign to support the Tiananmen Mothers.

Tiananmen Mothers are the mothers and family members of the victims who were killed or injured in the June Fourth Massacre in Beijing, China in 1989.

After the massacre, they grouped together and have been trying to gather information about the injured, the dead and the disappeared as evidence of crimes and violation of human rights by the Chinese government.


  • We demand the right for the Tiananmen Mothers and and family members of victims to mourn peacefully, freely and publicly for the dead regarding this is a very natural and normal way to grieve for their beloved ones.
  • We demand the right for parents, husbands, wives or children of victims to visit the tombs freely to mourn for their beloved ones.
  • We demand the right for them not to be subjected to surveillance, harassment, intimidation, oppression, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
  • We demand for them to be treated in a humane way.


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